Replacement of cabin filter

To begin to determine whether you need to change the cabin filter. Usually the cabin filter is recommended to change with the passage, so to speak, complete replacement of consumable parts maintenance. There are two main features that the filter should be replaced: first – you start sweating glass, especially the windshield, the second air-conditioning system operates poorly and almost catches air. In the winter when you warm up the car, practically out of the vents not blowing warm air. In the summer bad air conditioning.

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In the domestic car sign replacement filter may be odor in the cabin. This is due to the fact that the filter accumulates water. A long drive with a dirty cabin air filter or lack of it, which is not uncommon, can lead to serious problems. Currently, most vehicles are equipped with air conditioning. This system includes the so-called evaporator. The evaporator may be icing, if long enough to drive with a dirty cabin air filters, not to mention his absence. The fact that the evaporator gets dirt and dust that can cause unpleasant odors in the car. But if the car owner will turn a blind eye, the problem can become much more serious – the dirt enters the evaporator is very deep, the efficiency of the air conditioner is reduced in some cases to zero. In consequence of which needed quite expensive repairs associated with the removal of the conditioning and cleaning of the evaporator, and then refilling the air conditioning system.

So do not neglect the replacement of cabin filter and pigeonhole, especially since this work the car owner is able to handle himself without any help. With cars it’s very simple – the cabin filters are usually located behind the glove box, which is all they call the “glove compartment”. The glove box itself or is removed completely or partially postponed. Typically, the filter can be replaced without using any tools, the maximum that may be required to this figure (cross) screwdriver. Some manufacturers are putting cabin air filters for the foot node, then the operation is slightly more complicated.

On older domestic cars work a little harder in terms of disassembly. Access to the filter is from the side of the hood.

You need to remove the “frill” and leashes wipers. After this you need to Unscrew two bolts of the front cover of the air intake and push it, replace the filter, and reassemble everything in reverse order.

I hope it is not necessary to say that the filter should be new and preferably from a good manufacturer, but in spite of this obvious thing, some thrifty person the owners hope to clean the filter with a vacuum cleaner, brush and “knock on the fence”.

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