Välkommen till Nordens bästa och äldsta online-butik inom bil och fordonsbelysning!

Xenonkungen startades år 2004 med en tydlig plan över framtiden. En vision om att vara en distributör i Sverige och övriga delar av Norden med ett högkvalitativt sortiment inom biltillbehör och bilbelysning till priser som konkurrerar med marknaden. Vi är ett team av specialister som tillsammans skapar en välkomnande arbetsmiljö. Vi tycker om att ha det roligt när vi jobbar, eftersom arbetstiden är en stor del av vardagen. Att arbeta med belysning har också gjort att vi har fått ett stort intresse i att utvecklas inom området. Det är med den kunskapen som vi kan vid utökning av vårt sortiment och eventuella inköp urskilja kvalitet mot kortvarighet. Xenonkungens sortiment av produkter kan sammanfattas med hållbarhet och prestanda. Det här har påvisats kontinuerligt i olika slags tester. En av dem är Xenonkungens ljusramp Luxtar X20 som i oktober 2020 blev utvald som vinnare i Ojanperä´s oberoende test i kategorin ”Mest för pengarna”.D2R 4300K Xenonkungen 1-par

Xenonkungen har sin huvudsakliga import från Kina, men import sker även från Korea, Taiwan och Europa. Xenonkungen planerar alltid årligen att besöka mässor och leverantörer i Asien och Europa. Xenonkungens distribution går via vår e-handel och hos ett stort antal (ca 400) återförsäljare och verkstäder i både Sverige och Norge. Vi är idag ledande aktörer inom vår marknad och om du känner igen Xenonkungens koncept hos andra efterkommande konkurrenter i branschen, så kommer du förstå att de har inspirerats av Xenonkungen!

Vi på Xenonkungen älskar att arbeta med belysning och att få hjälpa er att få en bättre körupplevelse och en större säkerhet när ni är ute i trafiken är Xenonkungen högsta prioritet. Vi jobbar kontinuerligt för att erbjuda hög säkerhet med de lampor och övrigt material som vi säljer och som vi noga valt ut att köpa in i vårt sortiment. Vi är alltid ute efter nyheter och bevakar ständigt utbudet hos våra gamla och nya leverantörer efter nya och kvalitativa produkter att få köpa in och kunna erbjuda i vårt breda utbud.

Xenonkungen har ett brett sortiment och säljer förutom extraljus och ledramper även fordonsbelysning av typerna halogen, LED och Xenon. Vi är stolta över att är Nordens äldsta och kanske mest erkända e-handel inom bilbelysning. Genom att sälja högkvalitativa produkter med bra kvalitet med priser som har varit konkurrenskraftiga, så har vi även lyckats ha väldigt hög kundnöjdhet. Xenonkungen har ett snittbetyg på 4.7 av 5 stjärnor på trustpilot som tyckts till av mer än 9 000 kunder vilket är ett betyg som vi är mycket stolta och tacksamma att få. Välkomna att göra ett besök hos oss på:

Methods For Picking Car Window Tinting

Nevertheless, when you tint your car or truck windows, you need to be conversant in what the traffic regulations are in your jurisdiction only to be certain you do not work afoul of the authorities. The shade is applied to the within of the vehicle windows and helps get a grip on the amount of gentle stepping into the car. Automotive hue picture rejects the unsafe really violet rays from the sun. The degree of the tint varies from very light color movie to extremely black shade sometimes known as limo tint. Motion picture has several advantages, read on for some of their more crucial features.Window Tinting | Roland DG

Solitude and Safety – If you prefer solitude when in your car or truck, vehicle Ride & Joy Window Tinting film can allow you to achieve that. Little wonder that lots of VIPs including heads of state, prominent business individuals and a-listers almost always trip in cars with colored car windows. With color, you can sleep simple from the prying eyes of interested passers by in addition to anonymity that glasses you from individuals with malicious intent.

Because it is difficult for anyone to see what’s inside your vehicle, the hue protects any valuable things you could keep in the vehicle such as for example laptops. The most typical form of shade for solitude and protection are dark charcoal colored shows which make it possible for the person inside the car to see external but make it nearly impossible from some one external to see the interior of the car.

Safety from the sun- Windows which are colored offer defense from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. When solid UV rays penetrate the car’s windows, they damage the car’s interior by boosting up upholstery wear and fade to leather seats or breaking of the dashboard. Moreover, car window tinting protects skin and eyes of the car’s occupants from the effects of UV and the glare of sunlight respectively.

Decreases overheating – That is way more during the warmer days of the season such as for instance throughout summer. Vehicle window tinting film makes the car’s inside cooler by as much as 60% in comparison with a vehicle whose windows aren’t tinted. Security for the driver- Owners of cars with colored windows are greater protected from destroyed glass in the event of an accident than drivers of vehicles without tint. The hue movie keeps the shattered glass constantly in place and prevents flying glass from hurting the car’s occupants. Fashion – Cars with colored windows have a sleek look that offers the car a classy, sophisticated look.

Vehicle windows tinting has recently become very popular, generally because it is just a inexpensive alternative to air conditioning. Believe it or not, following a recent study, it proved that a lot more than fifty per cent of the surveyed folks are contemplating to have their car windows colored while more than five percent presently have. It’s inevitable the result that vehicle screen tints are experiencing but there are therefore many reasons why these tints deserve to be really successful.

Vehicle window tints are becoming more frequent daily primarily for the fact that they’re a great deal more beneficial compared to alternative methods of air conditioning. To start with, car tints are easy and really fast to mount. Subsequently, it’s because they’re a one-time fee and they do not need anything to be maintained. And additionally, but most importantly, car window tints are developing the ground with their competitors since they are the least expensive of all. As claimed formerly, the only investment in it is to buy them and that’s it!

The price of car screen tints can differ a whole lot from the produce and model of your car. Fundamentally, some vehicles may require a lot of perform to form the tints as their windows and that is why the hue store may demand you more setting them up for you. One other component that determines whether tints may well be more high priced or cheaper is the style of the tint you choose. You will find particular regulations for tints in the whole world. In USA, the law differs from state to convey, and that legislation decides how much the tints can be black. Frequently, the proportion of allowance is between 32%-75% but this changes from the fact of how sunny a situation is.

Why Using a Towing Service Is Therefore Essential

Sometimes you’ve an awful incident or collision far at home, or you’ll have an permanent breakdown. Each one of these problems involve towing your car or truck, and you may do well to consider that the multifarious purposes of the towing support can stay you in excellent stead in emergencies. The most crucial factor in towing is to create the automobile to safety. Nevertheless, in your own fascination, make sure that you employ a good towing service with the right trucks to bring your car or truck undamaged to the destination.Top 5 Reasons People Require a Towing Service - WanderGlobe

A towing support generally is available in helpful if you are in the precarious condition of a description or an accident. Bear in mind to help keep your roadside assistance number or that of one’s Towing Service Kansas City at hand for use within any kind of car emergency. The traffic police also use the towing trucks to remove cars parked in limited places, or to pull out cars involved in incidents or from a crime world, for more forensic and braking performance tests. Considering that the incidences, requesting towing is on an unprecedented upswing, the towing companies may also be modernizing their procedures with the newest tow trucks and techniques.

Most of those who generate towing solutions often do the job by themselves or act as a subcontractor for different agencies. The dog owner includes a larger obligation than the workers do, as he’s to create in the investment and receive a certified certificate for towing, failing that they will have to function within restricted hours only. With an avowed certificate in hand, they can run unhindered round the clock, 24×7 and 365 days.

In this business, it’s critical for the towing vehicle owners to protect the insurance chance for his pull trucks, his workers and the truck or vehicle that requires towing. The owner should, also submit evidence of insurance insurance in case of an accident associated with the customer’s car/vehicle, throughout the towing process. It is mandatory to carry the insurance documents in the pull truck at all times.

Collection of the driver for the towing services is extremely essential, as the guidelines obviously declare that the driver needs to have a clean record without creating of major offenses like DWT (drinking while intoxicated). They’ll also have to undergo offender history checks including medicine test. Employment of people with criminal history may cause the dog owner to get rid of is towing license forever.

Today, many towing businesses equip themselves with the right methods, techniques and cars to tow cars cautiously without damage to the destination. Most vehicle homeowners can buy reassurance when they hand over the vehicle to the towing service. However, do not ever produce the mistake of employing an new organization; you will only end up as penny smart and pound-foolish.

No-one desires to be pushed in to a situation wherever they must start using a towing service. Luckily, in this very day and age, cross country towing services aren’t just there for disaster use. There are lots of various factors that the towing service could be useful for you. The answer to this trouble is not merely the repair of your automobile but getting the vehicle to safety. This may only be completed by picking the most competent car towing firms. There are assorted forms of pull trucks that will conduct excellent towing process.

If you want the help of a tow truck, it’s substantial to only utilize a qualified, trustworthy service. Some vehicle towing businesses aren’t on a transportation stalled vehicles or giving roadside help services. Generally keep in mind protection methods in towing to avoid needless compensation along with unwarranted incidents, loss in lives or further injury or demolition to vehicles. Some businesses will even get to the stage of offering in the certification required by insurance providers.

Towing is the method of dragging or pulling behind a sequence, make, piece or additional type of mix that’s the most obviously done by street vehicles. A towing service must be available all hours of your day and night. Accidents and car problems occur at any time. Keep in mind that the reason for summoning a pull truck is to bring your automobile to the closest repair facility. Maintaining the wear and grab off a important vehicle is crucial, but at times you’re just in requiring of assist because anything bad has happened.

The Advantages Of An Expert Car Accident Attorney

This may support the lawyer for car accidents to make appropriate representation to the incident tribunal along with all the current supporting papers setting the insurance amount. He is a documented practitioner of legislation and is specialized in incident claims. The calculations for the compensations are complex and just the insurance business have the data of it. The automobile crash attorney may make sure that his / her client gets the very best compensation.7 Tips to Finding a Best Car Accident Lawyer - The Fitzpatrick Firm, LLC

To avail the very best companies of a skilled vehicle crash lawyer, you need to research locally during your buddies and family members who might have availed the related services. This will allow you to to get an lawyer who’s experienced. If friends and family and family relations can not assist you to in that respect, you certainly can do a net search. This may allow you to get the web sites of all of the car incident attorneys. You can small record the attorneys nearer to your area and feel the details presented in the web website and also through the recommendations of the prior clients.

By in this manner you can get additional information concerning the attorney and fix up the very best attorney for your service. You’ve to remember to discuss about the charges of the lawyer and also his accessibility to present prior to the court. You have to ask whether the lawyer herself can attend the judge or perhaps a junior will undoubtedly be sent. Get every one of these matters into consideration while searching for an successful and experienced lawyer for the service. While choosing the lawyer you have to make sure that you got the very best lawyer who is able to assist you to in getting correct and deserved settlement if you are a victim of an accident.

A car accident lawyer is really a legitimately qualified lawyer, who assists persons by advocating for them if they have been around in a accident lawyer Los Angeles. Car accidents are the greatest factors behind particular injury in the United States. Consequently there are many personal injury claims. If you have held it’s place in a car accident that occurred from still another person’s neglect, you’re entitled to get payment from that person. The settlement will come in the form of a settlement. You may be compensated for many different issues that resulted from the incident, and these include; medical bills, pain and putting up with and other damages. Federal rules manage car incidents and their settlements. But each state also has a unique laws and regulations. This is the reason, it is essential that you hire a vehicle accident attorney who is competent and qualified to apply in your state. Car accident attorneys are competed in all areas of regulations, however each goes to specialize in this specific section of the law.

Attorneys are able to symbolize their clients in courts of law. When you have used an incident lawyer after the crash, they will possibly refer one to an incident attorney if your situation find yourself planning to judge, instead of getting resolved beyond court. It does not subject if you are an simple celebration or liable celebration in the incident; it is important that you retain the solutions of an attorney.

An lawyer could have focused on an ethical and qualified rule of perform upon receiving his/her license to practice. Portion of this signal dictates that the lawyer is likely to signify the most effective pursuits of the customer and remain faithful to them. Which means that even though you were the irresponsible party in the accident, you are still eligible for the solutions of an attorney. The attorney will have the ability to protect your rights, and ensure that you’re perhaps not taken advantage of, by the claimant.

Global Truck Getting Tips

By 1902 he and his brother combined this company with various other farming and equipment businesses and shaped the thing that was called the International Harvester company.Maxxforce 13 N13 Ct13 $2000 Dpf Egr Def Delete Alternative Solution

International’s First Truck – Over the following several years the company continued to make trucks, trucks and different agricultural gear. In 1907 they produced that which was called an “automobile wagon,” that was a generator truck with an air-cooled engine, large wheels and two cylinders, therefore giving farmers a vehicle to utilize for moving around their gear and supplies. This truck is what first put Global into the truck creating business.

In actuality, the name Global was not being utilized by itself until 1914, therefore we were holding Global Harvester auto truck vehicles. In reality, these were not regarded engine trucks until 1910 possibly, but were considered auto buggies. Inside their first year, the business created 73 of them, that was about seven per cent of the entire trucking maxxforce 13 egr cooler delete market in the U.S. in 1907. The next year in 1908 that pittance increased to 725, which risen up to nearly 2,500 in 1909.

International’s Trucks joined the transport market By 1915, the company started to make much more new truck products and services, coming out with a low-wheeled car that had more power and more rate than actually before. The next year, one of these simple little trucks was the very first truck to climb Pike’s Peak. The Military needed lots of trucks throughout Earth Conflict I and this triggered the trucking organization to dual from 92,000 cars in 1916 to significantly more than 227,000 in 1918. About 49,000 of the trucks finished up international for use during the war. Following the war, the excess trucks were bought off and delivery points by truck started to get more popular.

By 1921 Global Harvester created generator trucks in a plant in Springfield, Kansas, where it made the initial trucks known to have pneumatic wheels and may go at a higher speed, creating them work nicely on the newer highways that were becoming more common by the 1920s. These and different trucks Global made helped their generation grow from just 7,183 trucks in 1920 to significantly more than 39,000 in 1928 and more than 10,000 more these year.

During the 1920s Global was the model of vehicle that first crossed the Sahara Desert whenever a English soldier, hunter and explorer called Sir Charles Markham, and Baron Bror Frederick von Blixen-Finecke used an Global because endeavor. In 1923 Global Trucks opened still another place up in Fort Fred, Ind. and in 1925 the company had the very first armored vehicle when it created them special to guard payrolls for the Brinks Express Company.

Global Trucks: Created from the bottom up International trucks were various, as they were built from the floor up to change them to the task, that has been unlike many trucks in the era that were bulk produced. The technicians who developed them might move to find out the exact use for the truck and then developed it accordingly. In 1938 they built the initial trucks with a City human body by way of a agreement with Metropolitan Body Organization in Connecticut, and by 1939 International was making motors for trucks at just one more place in Indianapolis, Indiana.

During the 1930s and 40s, International made their D, D and E distinct trucks. They certainly were dimensions from a higher ton pickup design of vehicle, as much as huge six-wheeled trucks that were large fat and can perform down road. At that time, the business was providing significantly more than 86,000 trucks a year. International Trucks Position in Earth Conflict II – Earth Conflict II brought a demand by the us government for Global to create all wheel drive trucks for the military. Therefore, between 1941 and 1943, the only real trucks Global produced were military trucks. These included trucks such as half-tracks, armored, gun secured trucks and more.

In 1944, the business shaped their generator vehicle division to take care of the increasing quantity of truck products and activities it was beginning to take care of and by 1947 International trucks was back into creating trucks for the private industry and had created many new revolutionary improvements in the trucking world.