Dark web hosting provider hacked again — 7,600 sites down

Elite: Dark web facilitating supplier closes down in the wake of getting hacked for the second time in 16 months.

Daniel’s Hosting (DH), the biggest free web facilitating supplier for dark web administrations, has closed down today in the wake of getting hacked for the second time in 16 months, ZDNet has learned.

Very nearly 7,600 dark web entries have been taken disconnected after the hack, during which an assailant erased the web facilitating entry’s whole database.

This happened not long ago, on March 10, at around 03:30 am UTC, as per a message posted on DH’s presently old entryway by Daniel Winzen, the German programming designer behind the administration.


Winzen said that an aggressor got to the DH backend and erased all facilitating related databases. The aggressor at that point erased Winzen’s database account and made another one to use for future activities.

Winzen found the hack the following morning, at which time a large portion of the information was at that point lost. The administration doesn’t keep reinforcements by the plan.

In an email to ZDNet today, Winzen said he still can’t seem to discover how the programmer penetrated the DH backend. Nonetheless, since the dark web facilitating administration was to a greater degree a side interest, Winzen didn’t look a lot into it.
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“I am as of now occupied with my everyday life and different ventures, I chose to not invest an excess of energy researching,” he told ZDNet.

Winzen pointed out that the hack just affected the DH backend database account, however not the records of clients who had been facilitating destinations on the DH facilitating stage.

Notwithstanding, Winzen said that clients ought to consider the passwords for their DH accounts as “spilled” and transform them on the off chance that they utilized a similar secret key for different records.


For a long time to come, Winzen says that Daniel’s Hosting dark web facilitating administration will stay down.

“This is a leisure time venture I do close to my all day occupation, and it’s very tedious to attempt to keep the worker clean from unlawful and shifty locales,” Winzen said.

“I invest multiple times more energy in erasing accounts than I can discover time to proceed with advancement,” he included. “As of now, I don’t anticipate proceeding with the facilitating venture.”

Winzen says that clients who need free facilitating for dark web entryways can utilize other comparable facilitating suppliers like Freedom Hosting Reloaded, Ablative Hosting, OneHost, or IBHost.

“I’m despite everything anticipating relaunching the administration sometime in the not too distant future with new highlights and enhancements,” Winzen told ZDNet. “Not administrating the administrations all the time will ideally give me more opportunity for the genuine turn of events. Notwithstanding, it might take a long time before I’m prepared to relaunch.”


The Daniel’s Hosting administration was recently hacked in November 2018, when a programmer comparatively penetrated the site’s backend database worker and erased all locales. More than 6,500 were cleaned at that point.

Daniel’s Hosting turned into the biggest web facilitating supplier for dark web administrations after the Anonymous programmer aggregate penetrated and brought down Freedom Hosting II, another famous dark web facilitating supplier.

In 2017, Anonymous said it brought down Freedom Hosting II after they found that the facilitating supplier was protecting kid misuse entryways.

Daniel’s Hosting has gotten away from such allegations over the years through a forceful control strategy, which, in spite of the fact that not great, helped Winzen find and takedown harsh locales facilitated on his administration.

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